Triple Layer Defense™:

Your data is encrypted in three ways: in transit, in use and at rest. Additionally, information stored in the Online Identity Vault uses multiple layers of encryption:

  • Your data is encrypted at the system level in the cloud
  • Your data is encrypted within your unique record

All information added to Online Identity Vault™ becomes part of the customer’s secure profile and is encrypted multiple times.





Getting to Know the Dashboard

EZShield Dashboard

Everything to protect your identity – all in one place.

Your dashboard gives you a clear view of...

  • Your services and how they are protecting you
  • Your credit-related status
  • Next steps you need to take
  • Open fraud cases
  • Your new alerts

We put you in control of your protection.

Access your dashboard from any device

View your protection details

Act on your next steps

Secure Your Information

Encrypt and digitally store personal information, passwords and documents for easy access wherever you go. This is a valuable tool for everyday life and critical in the event of fraud or a lost/stolen wallet. All of the information you store can also be used to monitor your identity with any of our monitoring services.

Secure Your Information

Monitor Your Identity

If your protection services include monitoring, should your stored information be detected, you will receive alert notices. These notices will prompt you to review the details of the alert and let us know whether or not the event is accurate and if further action is required.

Monitor Your Identity

Restore Your Identity

Should you review an alert and discover the information to be fraudulent, you may indicate that it requires action and a case will be created. You may then contact a certified Resolution Specialists for assistance in resolving the issue.

Restore Your Identity

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